Attic Mold

Attic Mold Inspection, Testing, Removal - TorontoA lot of people that have upgraded their home in the last few years are now having a problem. Government is always asking us to save energy. The study of building science doesn’t seem to be the strong point of government. The eco energy program was great for home owners to upgrade their furnace, windows and insulation levels in their homes.This all sounds great. But you have to consider the impact of the overall building system of your home . As you tighen the home up you reduce the air infiltration rate on the windows, doors and furnace and increase the wall infiltration and the attic infiltration rate. Example I will use is a home that has all new windows installed. The windows represented 15-25% of the homes infiltration rate. Now the home has increased attic infiltration and ex filtration. Now with all the humid air from the home moving into the attic you now have the chance for mold if the moisture can’t escape or you have mold laden air being pulled into the home because of a negative air pressure in the home. With building science you to be balance the air in and out . If you are going to tighten up your home you have to have a plan to replace the air you are stopping from coming in.

An attic inspection is recommended yearly in your home.

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